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A fork of zizaco/Entrust that works on PHP 5.3

Sometimes, start a new project may be a pain in the ass. You need to setup the environment, authorization setup, permissions, caching and those stuff.

Well, it doesn’t need to be so hard and in fact it is not. There’s a bunch of great packages around that works just out of the box. Zizaco/entrust is one of those packages. I love it. Is easy, flexible and works pretty well with Laravel and Confide.

I’m working on this project with Laravel 4.1 that runs on PHP 5.3 and also I would like to use Entrust. Turns out, that it requires at least PHP 5.4.

So I managed to write a workaround that makes it work on PHP 5.3 just like the original. Once they did change the original architecture (which uses a trait), I thought that would be better to have it as a separate package and so I created the vscn/entrust package.

Please, refer to the Github repo lucasvscn/entrust for instructions on how to use it.

Install Veewee on Windows

If you think that Vagrant is awesome and would like to have a simpler way to build your own boxes, Veewee is just what you’re looking for. But, if you’re not a Ruby guy, it may be a little tricky to get it working into your Windows box.

In this article I’ll going to show you how to install veewee in 3 easy steps.

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